Our team is composed by enthusiasts of the latest technologies who constantly keep an eye on innovation.
We “acquire” reality and digitise it in 3D. We are able to work on products of any shape and dimension: from all the fields of the manufacturing industry to the archaeological-artistic sector, up to human scanning.



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About us


The keys of our success are quality, simplicity, and efficiency. These three pillars are based upon each individual and teamwork spirit.


We apply a pioneering approach to the market and to technological solutions to overcome the challenges we face together with our customers on a daily basis.


We care about human relationships. This is what enables us to work with simplicity and efficiency. Teamwork, intuition, dedication, and professionalism are the perfect ingredients of the recipe for success.


Our technologies and methods are quick, performing, and non-destructive. We guarantee Italian invention and a market leader performance.

We are a team of specialists who are eager to study and work hard to reach our primary goals, having fun while facing new challenges.


Our team is composed by enthusiasts of the latest technologies who constantly keep an eye on innovation.
We “acquire” reality and digitise it in 3D. We are able to work on products of any shape and dimension: from all the fields of the manufacturing industry to the archaeological-artistic sector, up to human scanning.
We carry out the following services:
For more than 15 years, the Company has been working on product engineering using the most advanced and performing technologies for 3D Cad design, optical or laser scanning, and digital microscopy.
In 2014 we expanded the range of services by introducing industrial X-ray tomography. We have four CT systems dedicated to metrology and defects analysis: two precision microfocus systems, a high-power mini-fire and a double tube system for very large objects.
We are eager to meet the most different needs while facing new challenges. In our sector, quality is key to provide a tailored, quick, efficient, and highly competitive service. The maximum regard is crucial to us at all stages: from preliminary studies to design, from prototyping to pre-production manufacturing.
We guarantee high-quality services.
We guarantee functional products.
We guarantee delivery dates.
We guarantee strict confidentiality.
Guaranteeing… is our philosophy.


After more than three years, I have accomplished much further than I ever thought and expected.

The new millennium brought a turning point in my life, when I decided to jump into a new challenge and found AGIOTECH. I knew that 3D scanning would have revolutionised the technology sector. We were witnessing a remarkable step further towards a deep knowledge of shapes with new potentials. It was worth trying.

AGIOTECH has always been a company, or better said a family, which constantly seeks excellence while overcoming all difficulties hand in hand and celebrating our success as a team. We face change with tenaciousness and a positive attitude to continue growing and acquire new knowledge every day.

Metrix3D was born with this philosophy in 2014. The focus in the metrology and defect inspections sector integrated our group profile through the latest 3D CT technologies.

In 2022 the two companies officially joined in AgioMetrix, the service company with the widest range of 3D sensors available on the European market.

Which are the secrets of our success? Our staff, high-technologies, and experience.

Waking up every morning willing to face new challenges while having fun is what encourages us to always aim at our very best. This is Agiotech and Metrix3D state of mind while carrying out and completing every new project.

Over the years, I have learned that to work your way up the ladder you need passion, dedication, and perseverance. In high-technology field, you also need intuition and invention to always be at the forefront.

Our asset is Italian intuition and invention.

Antonio Giogoli

President of AgioMetrix




We provide black/white or coloured scanning of structures and components of different dimensions, from a few millimetres to several hundreds of meters. Accuracy is from a micron to a few tenths of a millimetre. We may perform this service both at our venue and at the customer’s location, even in the production line.


X-ray tomography is an imaging technique that is consolidated in the medical field and is rapidly finding broad applications in the industrial sector. The three-dimensional detail of the scanned object makes it more appealing than other non-destructive techniques for metrology and defect inspections.


We use the most advanced CAD geometrical reconstruction techniques to ensure faithful reproduction and maximum accuracy of the scanned structures and surfaces.

Quality Control

3D and 2D geometrical & dimensional conformity checks on any samples always with the highest possible accuracy available on the market. From traditional bench instruments (calipers and micrometres), to CMM coordinate measuring machines up to the cutting-edge scanning technologies in 3D optics and X-ray 3D tomography systems. We combine the best solution at the lowest price.
We are member of CMM Club Italia since 2014.


Samples must often be NDT checked in order to be tested even in the known presence of defects. This is the only way to improve the knowledge and the reliability of the product..
We perform non-destructive testing for automotive, aerospace, industrial, civil engineering, oil and gas with cutting-edge technologies and with qualified and certified personnel.
We are member of the Italian NDT association AIPND.


Customers have at their disposal the full competence of AgioMetrix and its partners net for the complete characterisation of polymeric, composite and metallic materials.
It is no longer possible to leave aside a deep knowledge of materials, in terms of structural and physical/chemical behaviour, for a fast and effective development of both product and process.
Furthermore, materials analysis are mandatory in the phase of field rejected parts investigation.


Visualising your ideas in 3D while developing a new product or process is an added value and a high gear to accelerate design timetables.


We are able to provide full training on 3D metrology software. Trained staff enables time and cost saving for Technical, Quality Assurance, and Tomography divisions. We provide courses and seminars on mechanical design and international regulations of the field.


Want to turn your ideas into reality and add additional momentum to your products?
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