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Our team is composed by enthusiasts of the latest technologies who constantly keep an eye on innovation.
We “acquire” reality and digitise it in 3D. We are able to work on products of any shape and dimension: from all the fields of the manufacturing industry to the archaeological-artistic sector, up to human scanning.

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Agiotech & Metrix 3D

Via dell'Agricoltura, 6
40023 Castel Guelfo di Bologna (BO), Italy

Phone: +39 0542 488360
Fax: +39 0542 671069

Email: info@agiometrix.com

Top-quality technologies

We use high-performance laser scanning systems and latest-generation tomography machines

Scansione 3D a luce strutturata
01. Structured light systems

We use 5 different stereoscopic blue light machines. We perform triple scanning for 3D geometry scans.
We work with the latest technologies on the market, which are ready to use through robotic systems with auto-programmed scanning process.


Many complex metrology applications need to combine superficial and specific point measurements.
Measurements with both ATOS and Touch Probe are carried out with a single detection system. Their analysis is performed by a single software package.
Since there is no need for additional hardware or probes, measurement procedures are carried out rapidly. Passage from superficial to single point measurements and analysis (and vice versa) is extremely simple.

Touch Probe
Laser per rilievo geometrie a luce pulsata

We work with an intense pulse light point-and-shoot optical scanner. The manual scanner detects 16 frames per second and aligns them in real time without using any references or flatting agents. It detects complex structures without affecting the surfaces.
It is also able to detect moving objects and high definition colours. It is an extremely versatile object suitable for artistic or style applications, etc.


Our bridge-type Coordinate Measuring Machine has a 2µm and 4µm precision, with ruby probe and laser head respectively. In the same measurement programme, it uses both the ruby probe and the laser head.
It does not need sample zeroing and a quick manual scan allow automated mathematical alignment.

Macchina CMM a portale
Sistema laser alta gittata

Rotative laser scanning measurement uses a rotary laser beam to detect all geometries situated in a 79m radius sphere. This certified laser system is based on the phase shift of the returning lase. It provides higher measuring accuracy and grayscale colouring of the scanned surfaces.
This system is easy to transport and is not influenced by strong light or total darkness. It is able to work in any condition.


Computed X-ray tomography merges metrology and defect investigation. This enables to detect the test sample entire geometry, both internally and externally.
The computed tomography software reconstructs a 3D data set of the CT volume representing the internal and external structure of the sample.
This tomography system is fit for dimensional controls, non-destructive defect inspections, and reverse engineering.

Tomografo Nikon MCT225
Scanbox 4105
07. Scanbox 4105

ATOS ScanBox 4105 is the compact measuring machine for automated 3D digitising and inspection of small to medium sized components.


This is the first large scale system in Italy for massive and big size object detection.
600kV and 1.5kW X-ray tube
Double panel: flat panel + linear array.

Additional features:

– laminography

– Helix CT

– 2D certified digital radioscopy

2D certified digital radioscopy

Max. weight/piece 200Kg

Metrix3D Sistema Tomografico Y.CT Modular 600kv

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