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Our team is composed by enthusiasts of the latest technologies who constantly keep an eye on innovation.
We “acquire” reality and digitise it in 3D. We are able to work on products of any shape and dimension: from all the fields of the manufacturing industry to the archaeological-artistic sector, up to human scanning.

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Agiotech & Metrix 3D

Via dell'Agricoltura, 6
40023 Castel Guelfo di Bologna (BO), Italy

Phone: +39 0542 488360
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Services: tomography, optical scanning, reverse engineering

/Services: tomography, optical scanning, reverse engineering

Ideas must be shaped or they will remain as such.
Tomography, optical scanning, reverse engineering, and 3D printing  bring ideas into being.


With the technology now available, we can tackle important issues with precision and accuracy and solve problems quickly and permanently.
Agiotech provides the following services:

Optical 3D contactless probing

Dimensional conformity metrology inspections for quality control

Support for FEM analysis verifications

Reverse Engineering

Product design and industrialisation

Additive Manufacturing


Rely on a cutting-edge partner for metrology services and hi-tech quality controls
Metrix 3D provides the following services:

Metrology with industrial tomography

Defect inspections with industrial tomography

3D contact metrology

Contactless 3D metrology with laser probe

Structured light contactless 3D digital metrology

Reverse engineering



With 3D digital scanning we can obtain:

  • 3D colour-scale analysis of objects from a few millimetres to several hundreds of meters,
  • Personalised report,
  • Analysis tolerance customisation,
  • Absolute and relative thickness analysis,
  • Specific section measurements,
  • Non-destructive testing,
  • Digital microscopy.

Our services accuracy is from a micron to a few tenths of a millimetre. We may perform this service both at our venue and at the customer’s location, even in the production line.

Rilievo Scanner 3D

X-ray tomography is a non-destructive inspection technique which is rapidly growing in the industrial field. It enables to:

  • Promptly detect millions of points of a specific component, both externally and internally,
  • Simultaneously analyse different components,
  • Overlap the scan and the native CAD model,
  • Analyse the whole object deviations,
  • Detect hidden defects, porosities, and inclusions without sectioning the piece.

We carry out the following three-dimensional controls:

  • Internal/external three-dimensional colour-scale analysis,
  • Internal/external 3D full reconstruction of the object,
  • Accurate internal sections of the object in measurement,
  • Absolute and relative thickness analysis,
  • Internal analysis of complex assembled pieces,
  • Non-destructive defect inspections.

Accuracy:       0.009mm +L/50

Tomografia industriale

Reverse engineering is a process aimed at reproducing the three-dimensional structure of an object, device, or machinery. Whatever the shape of the physical model, we are able to obtain CAD data suitable for:

  • Identifying alterations, wear, or deformations,
  • Reproducing complex shaped objects,
  • Reproducing soft and flexible objects,
  • Object preservation,
  • Tool cutting path optimisation,
  • FEM analysis support,
  • Prototype manufacturing.

Our services accuracy is from a micron to a few tenths of a millimetre.

Reverse Engineering

Thanks to our wide portfolio of measurement systems and technologies we can perform 3D and 2D geometrical & dimensional conformity checks on samples of every size and shape always with the highest possible accuracy available on the market. In details:

  • 2D measurements according to customer’s control drawings,
  • GD&T analysis,
  • 3D comparison in colour mapping,
  • Absolute and relative wall thickness analysis,
  • SPC analysis Cp e Cpk,
  • Automated controls with robot for process performance monitoring.

Non-destructive testing on any product. We can perform:

  • RX radioscopy both digital and with film,
  • magnetoscopy,
  • micro-focus 3D RX tomography for high accuracy metrology,
  • high power mini-focus 3D RX tomography (600kV – 1500W) for big size massive parts,
  • LINAC linear accelerator 3D RX tomography for very high-density materials,
  • dye penetrant,
  • Eddy current,
  • ultrasonic testing both conventional and phased array,
  • conventional and Pulsed thermography.

Different NDT analysis techniques are available together our wide spread net of partners.


There is a huge market demand for a deep knowledge of every material used starting from the product development phase up to the field rejected parts investigation phase. AgioMetrix group can support customers offering:

  • mechanical and technological tests
  • macrography,
  • micrography,
  • chemical analysis,
  • corrosion test,
  • fracture analysis.

With Agiotech and Metrix 3D you will find a reliable partner for product design and industrialisation, as well as a high gear to optimise timing.
We provide complete management of work flow:

  • Idea, design, rendering,
  • Design,
  • CAD modeling,
  • FEM calculations,
  • Rapid prototyping,
  • Production launch,
  • Quality control,
  • Industrialisation.
Progettazione 3D

We provide full training for Technical, Quality Assurance, and Tomography divisions on the 3D metrology software we use on a daily basis.
We also provide courses and seminars on mechanical design and international regulations of the field.

Corsi Software 3D

We provide additive manufacturing in different materials such as plastics, rubber, and metals (aluminium, AISI 316L, titanium, cobalt-chrome, and inconel).

We use the following technologies to quickly realise small series of parts, which may be even complex.

  • SLA – Stereolithography,
  • SLS – Polystyrene,
  • SLS – Dust sintering,
  • FDM – Fused Deposition Modeling,
  • Vacuum Casting
  • POLYJET: photopolymer printing
Stampa 3D

Want to know more about the technologies we use in our work?