Our team is composed by enthusiasts of the latest technologies who constantly keep an eye on innovation.
We “acquire” reality and digitise it in 3D. We are able to work on products of any shape and dimension: from all the fields of the manufacturing industry to the archaeological-artistic sector, up to human scanning.



Agiotech & Metrix 3D

Via dell’Agricoltura, 6
40023 Castel Guelfo di Bologna (BO)

Phone: +39 0542 488360
Fax: +39 0542 671069

Email: info@agiometrix.com

Industrial tomography: GOM CT 225KV

GOM Agiometrix' partner

Industrial X Ray 3D Precision Computed tomography enters a new era with the restarting from the health emergency that has put a strain on all of us. Now more than ever, an innovative and forward-looking spirit is needed to quickly re-emerge from the lock down to which the Covid-19 pandemic forced us. The restart comes […]