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We “acquire” reality and digitise it in 3D. We are able to work on products of any shape and dimension: from all the fields of the manufacturing industry to the archaeological-artistic sector, up to human scanning.



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Why CT for your Company’s products and services

A growing number of industries use some form of nondestructive testing (NDT), like CT, to ensure that structural and mechanical components perform their function in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective manner.

The word Tomography takes origin from the Greek words tomos (meaning slice) and graphein (meaning to write), and the word literally means “imaging by sections.”

Applied metrology through CT - AgiometrixThis technique allows you to see inside a sample or product to view defects, make measurements, and focus on density changes without damaging the object under inspection. An entire part can be analyzed for both flaws and dimensions in the same scan automatically.

Digital radiography, including computed tomography and metrology, has become a particularly popular choice because of the advantages it offers over traditional X-rays, including better time efficiency through eliminating chemical processing, the ability to transfer and enhance images digitally, and the lower level of radiation required.

Inspection services tailored on your needs

Not all inspection services can supply the same types and quality of inspections as others. For example, the first check is to make sure the inspection provider has the equipment and qualified personnel necessary to perform the specific services you need, like defect and porosity identification, internal inspection and validation, dimensional measurement capture for metrology or reverse engineering for 3D printing, etc.

Why and how computed tomography?

Computed tomography is often applied to scanning objects like electronics, cast metal parts, cultural/archaeological artifacts, aerospace components, vertebrate anatomy, rock/drilling samples, implants, etc. It’s often applied in research, such as in new materials development. However, getting the clearest, highest resolution image when scanning these objects requires familiarity with both the type of object and the most suitable equipment and software to scanning it.

Quality assurance through CT - Agiometrix

Are your end-users requiring you to meet a new set of production standards?

New standards can be the result of a variety of factors, such as new governmental requirements, an updated industry standard, a sudden rash of recalled parts, etc. For example, several international aerospace material standards were created by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) for digital radiography. They have been readily adopted and are frequently referred to while developing a new product (such as ASTM E2736, E2699, E2597, E2698 and E2737). Together, they address topics ranging from the long-term stability of digital detector arrays to guidelines on the best way to implement this technology. The benefit of 3rd-party inspection services is that they have these certifications and past experience in testing to these standards.

Third-party inspection service with AgioMetrix can serve as an extension of your production line and help keep you on schedule.

Contact us to discuss your needs and to shape the future of your Company through CT and 3D scan.

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